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I love dishes! I really don’t need any more.

 I already own a set of Homer Laughlin dishes in an off white color, the pattern is called Colonial. I was researching the dishes online and found out the factory wasn’t too far from where Harvey is working in Pennsylvania, and that they were the maker of Fiesta Ware. So I decided we needed to make a trip. Last weekend we went to Newell, West Virginia to the Homer Laughlin Factory and store to pick out new Fiesta ware dishes.

Do you remember Fiesta Ware? We had a set of Antique Gold dishes and I recall the pitcher and its unique shape. If I remember correctly, we bought them at the grocery store (Mayfair Market), where you would get the accessories at a special price like .79 cents and once you got hooked buying the accessories you would end up buying the whole set of dishes. A little research shows that they were made in that color from 1969-1972.

The product was discontinued in 1973 and reissued in 1986 with new contemporary colors to mark its 50th anniversary. This year they are celebrating their 75th year of Fiesta Ware.

We programmed Homer Laughlin in the GPS and started out for a beautiful drive, about sixty miles from New Stanton, PA.

Many long brick buildings which have been there for many years.

This is the parking lot, which borders on the Ohio River, there were many buildings side by side that were identical.

The Broken Ware Garden was on both side of the entry.

As we walked in the door we entered the retail part of the store, where everything is new. We looked around and saw all the new colors.

Not sure what this color is but isn’t it gorgeous?

Now into the seconds room.

Wow! This was an experience! Since it was our first time there we had no idea what to do. But around us were people who you could tell were experts at the seconds. They had cloths and were sifting thru dishes polishing and looking for flaws. I pick up a few dishes and the only thing I can think of to get the dust off the dishes with was my sweatshirt, real professional looking Margaret! The other problem is the stacks of dishes, as you sort through them looking for the color you want you have to pile them in another pile and I was worrying about the pile getting to high and all the dishes tumbling into the floor.

I had an idea the color I was wanting before we arrived, so after sorting through dishes for half an hour we decided that this could be an all day process, so we made the decision to buy the 4 place settings new and buy the accompanying side dishes and platters in the seconds room.

The platter and the canister in the back is a Red color called Scarlet, although in this picture it is showing a pink color. The blue dishes are a color called Peacock. I love the idea of mixing the colors.

This picture is the four place setting, I had to take them out of the box and play when I got back to the room.

We are here in New Stanton for another week, then we are moving close to Beaver Valley while Harvey works at the Beaver Valley Nuclear Plant for two weeks. That is a lot closer to the factory, so I plan on making another trip, and loading up on more of the seconds. I will probably have to ship them home because our car is already loaded with dishes and a big composter in a box that we bought at Costco, so I don’t think I can stuff much more in there.




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This is a vintage recipe from a 1940’s cookbook, I made it yesterday and some recipes are still classics.

I designed this free recipe card for you. To download, right click on picture then click as Save As, this will open a window on your computer, to save wherever you keep your recipes. The carrot graphic is a vintage image I downloaded from Karen at The Graphic’s Fairy

Because I learn visually, I am giving you a picture tutorial today.

Beat sugar, oil and add eggs and beat well.

When I decided I would make a tutorial I was already making the cake, so follow the instructions and know that I didn’t get a picture of just the oil and sugar beaten together.

I sifted together the flour, soda, cinnamon and salt with my vintage sifter.

Add to egg mixture and mix well.

Fold in Carrots and nuts.

What was I thinking, no pictures of pouring into a 9×13 pan. But you know how to do that!

Then I got sidetracked by having to go and buy some cream cheese and didn’t take pictures of making the frosting. But how about a picture of a slice of cake?


I’ve tried other recipes that called for crushed pineapple, and raisins, but we liked this basic carrot cake just the way it was. This is one of those cakes that gets moister a day later.

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and Cindy’s Creative Spirit Challenge.

I hope you enjoy this vintage recipe.

Hugs, Margaret

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I’ve known this past week what the assignment would be for this week. I want to do it! I want to participate in the link up party Cindy is having. Yet I also realize that it will be painful as I tell my story and do I want to go there? Or do I push it under the rug and forget the past and the memories. No! my prayer for the last five years is “God I refuse to be dysfunctional, I want to be whole” So here goes.

Graduation was over…the last of four children graduating from high school, the end of childhood for them, the beginning of a new move into our new life. Ministry had been a dream for quite a few years, Steve and I were elders in our church, we ministered in lots of different areas, we had taken teams to Mexico for years to minister in the streets of Tijuana, and Bible College was the next step in where we felt God was leading.

We started our trip by going to Broken Arrow to visit Rhema Bible College, where we planned to enroll in the fall. We took the tour with a group of about ten other students who were planning to enroll, we were the oldest with Steve being 57 and I was 49 soon to be 50. We were so excited and talked of nothing else on our trip down to Alabama where we visited with our friend Bill as we picked up a shaved ice trailer to haul back to California. We started back that morning, Steve driving as he usually did with me occasionally giving him a break. Steve had driven a truck since he was 14 years old, this was second nature to him making long hauls. Around noon we stopped and ate lunch and got fuel and then got back on the road, a little while later Steve mentioned that he had heartburn and maybe an ice cream would settle that and a package of Tums. He got into the passenger seat and asked me to drive, and an hour or so later he got in the back seat of the pickup which we always kept made into a bed when we traveled, so he could rest.

Somewhere around Fort Smith Ark, he began to tell me he really wasn’t feeling good, I told him to keep resting that I could drive for quite a while. I began to pray seriously for whatever it was that was making him sick. Just before we got to Seminole, OK on Interstate 40, he told me he thought he might need to go to a hospital. Fear began to set in, I started looking for the sign that indicated there was a hospital at an upcoming exit. I got off at the exit for Seminole and pulled into a truck stop to ask for directions to the nearest hospital, and this subconscious thought that maybe he I should buy aspirin, they didn’t carry any. I wasn’t aware of anyone listening to our conversation and the girl pointed south and said the hospital was about six or seven miles down the road in town. I got back on the road and was playing soothing worship music on the CD, praying and asking God for help. I noticed this old red pickup behind me blinking its lights, I thought he wanted to pass me, but then it pulled up beside me and passed, when it got in front of me it started to blink its tail lights and I said to Steve “I think it might be the girl from the truck stop and she wants me to follow her” so I pulled in behind the pickup and was led directly to the hospital.

It was hot in Seminole as we pulled into the parking lot of the hospital. I found a parking spot and got out and opened the back door where Steve was sitting up. He asked me to help him put his shoes on, and said “I’m gonna feel stupid when I go in here and they say there’s nothing wrong with me.” Just then a man came up to us pushing a wheel chair and started helping Steve out of the pickup. As he stepped out into the heat I felt him began to sag and we struggled to get him into the wheel chair. I assumed he had fainted because of being sick and the heat, we rushed him into the waiting room and a nurse took Steve straight back. The man who had helped me get Steve into the wheel chair handed me a piece of paper with his phone number on it and said he was a retired fireman and had been standing in the back of the truck stop and overheard me ask where the hospital was and said he got to thinking about it after he saw us pull out and thought he should show us where the hospital was, he was the man in the red truck. He left while I was filling out paperwork and I didn’t see him again.

I was beginning to get worried and overwhelmed being in a strange town and at the hospital, while I was filling out paperwork, I get to thinking “I need someone to pray with me” I ask out loud “is there anyone here who will pray with me? Five nurses and office attendants stop what they are doing and joined hands with me. I wait for someone to start praying but they are all silent. I think to myself, “well I guess you are going to have to lead the prayer yourself, so I start in, and they are all are in agreement with me.

A lady that I really didn’t know what her job was other than she seemed to be a hostess took me into a waiting room and offered me water and made me comfortable and asked if I needed to make any phone calls. I kept asking had Steve come to from fainting, by now I’m beginning to think we may be here for a few days, and start thinking I need to call home and tell the kids and call our church and ask for prayer. I talk to Pastor Eddie and advise him of what’s going on, and then call my daughter Stephanie and tell her to get a hold of the kids and let them know what is going on and to be praying. The lady comes back in and has me wait in the hallway as the doctor is coming out to talk to me. I stand there and watch him walk towards me. It is one of those “Hollywood moments you see on TV” as he comes to me and takes my hands, I know…but I say NO! NO! He’s not! But the doctor says yes, we did everything we could but he had a massive heart attack and he was gone. I shift into automatic, thinking rationally about what has to be done, in shock! I call my pastor back and tell him what has happened, he can’t say much, I ask him to have someone go to my house to be with the kids when they hear the news. I call my son in law Jeremy and tell him so he can break the news to Stephanie. I ask the lady what do I do now? She says I can go in and see Steve, I walk in and sit down beside him and take his hands, his large hands that I’ve always loved, calloused hands from years of hard work. He is gone, I kiss his cheek, I want to be alone with him, but no one leaves me alone and I don’t want to make a scene and demand they all leave me to be with him.

I was at the hospital a total of four hours from when I got there. Plans had been made to ship Steve’s body home. The nice lady offered to take me home with her and spend the night, but why? I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep, and as the poem goes… Miles to go before I sleep. So I got in the pickup and headed back to I-40, this time alone. I don’t remember driving thru Oklahoma City, or Amarillo, Texas both big cities and this was before I had a GPS, the phone calls coming in from California, people calling in shock who had just heard the news. Plans were being made for me to fly from Albuquerque to California but I just kept driving and when I got to Albuquerque it was seven in the morning and a flight out wasn’t until three in the afternoon, so I kept driving thinking I would be in Arizona by that time. My boys got in their pickup with $100 that someone stuck in their hand, driving towards Mom, to meet her, to escort her home. We met outside Williams, Arizona and I got in the pickup with Steven and Jonathan took my truck. They told me as I got off the highway and came around the curve of the off ramp where they were parked, they were still looking for their Dad, and when they saw me alone they knew it was true. Dad was gone.

I want to talk about angels, people who helped me in my journey.

The lady at the hospital who although I didn’t know her name offered to bring me home with her and let me stay with her. Thank you! For your kindness and being an angel.

The nurses who stopped what they were doing to pray with me. Thank you for being an angel that day.

The man who led me to the hospital in his red truck: I found the phone number a week or so later and called him. I forget his name now, I have it written down someplace. But he told me this story.

He had to leave and go to work, but that night he told his wife what had happened and she told him “Oh honey, God used you as an angel today, he was a little uncomfortable with that, but on Sunday he went to church and the pastor of his Assembly of God church got up and begin to tell a story of a woman from California whose husband had died the past week and how God had used someone from Seminole to be an angel and was kind enough to lead her to the hospital. Her pastor in California had called him and asked him to go to the hospital in Seminole and be with her while she was there. He had gone to the hospital, but the lady was already gone, but he asked the church to be praying for this lady and her family. My angel said He realized then that God had used him to be an angel. Now I ask you this: What are the odds that my pastor would happen to call the same church that this man went to, and that his pastor would tell this story to the congregation, and that I would find his phone number and call him and hear this story repeated? I have to believe that God wanted me to know that, although he had called Steve home, he never left me alone, that he had people stationed along the way to be angels for me and that he watched over me and got me home.

The other angels in this story were my Pastor Eddie Summers and my church family at Grace Assembly of God. These people rallied around me, gave over $8,000.00 to pay for having Steve’s body to be shipped home and buried. They gave to me numerous times in the coming year to be an angel of comfort as the Bible speaks of caring for orphans and widows. Thank you church for being an angel to me!

There is much more to this story and I will tell it in bits and pieces. But my life changed that day. Of course it did, but not in the direct sense you are thinking. I became more compassionate, more giving, more loving. Why? Because people who didn’t know me, were these things to me in my time of need. The scripture I quoted at the beginning has become my life motto:

To give the same comfort to others that God has shown me!

Blessings and comfort to you all,



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This post is a change up, from my posts of my search for Mail Pouch barns. In my endeavors to find a Mail Pouch sign in Fayette, Pennsylvania I encountered this old sign as I drove into town.

I immediately knew I had to capture this so I pulled over and started taking pictures. I have no idea when they were painted, the building looks to have been built in the 50’s, but isn’t this a great ghost image?

This is another one that was on the building, it looks like it had the bottom of the package painted at one time but it has faded. Also the faint wording at bottom “mark” probably from trademark.

This week as I was looking at blogs I ran across this old advertisement picture of Wrigley gums.

Notice the Y, Isn’t that a unique font?

This picture is a timeline of the gum. Notice that they only changed their packaging seven times over the years. They’ve always stayed with the arrow.

I love this story of entrepreneurship, In 1891 at the age of 29 William Wrigley, Jr. came to Chicago from Philadelphia with $32.00 in his pocket. His father was a soap manufacturer so he started selling Wrigley’s Scouring Soap. As an incentive to merchants he offered free baking soda as a incentivize, knowing that they would likely carry his brand if they got a “little something for nothing.” When the baking powder became more popular than the soap he switched to the baking powder business. Then he got the idea to offer two packages of gum as a gimmick and again the chewing gum proved to be more popular than the baking soda and again he changed his business focus, the business became Wrigley’s Chewing Gum. You can read more of this story here.

Photo from Vintage America Flickr Photostream

A vintage ad from 1930

Photo from Lotusmonger, Flikr photostream

Wrigley’s Spearmint gum ad from Real America Magazine April 1935 

I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit today to Fayette, Pennsylvania, and learned a little more about Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum.

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Blessings and Hugs,


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The excitement of finding my first two barns, pushed me on to discover others on the list for Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. In traveling the back roads around New Stanton, I was familiar with the small community of Ruffsdale, the main road only boasts of a few businesses and a post office. Often when I go somewhere I turn on back roads and just drive and look at the country side, confident that all I have to do is turn the GPS on to get back home. This has allowed me to see lots of the rural areas.

The barn I was looking for that day had no GPS markers (latitude and longitude) Just the directions of south of Ruffsdale on SR3089, approximately 1 mile south of Rt 31. I headed out towards Ruffsdale and about a mile from the town I rounded the bend and saw this:

Cute! But not what I was looking for, although now I know what it would look like on a small outbuilding. I recently told Harvey of my intentions, of painting our tool shed with the Mail Pouch logo.

I arrived at SR 3089 and saw a marker for RT 31, but the road went the opposite way from the directions. I thought maybe someone had the directions down wrong so I took that road, after a couple of miles I knew it wasn’t right so I turned around. Back to the town and back the way I had come, maybe I had missed it. After a few times of going up and down the roads and no sign of the barn, I decided that it had been torn down and I headed to Mt. Pleasant and the local Walmart. I knew how to get there because I had gone from Mt. Pleasant to Ruffsdale before on my way home, so off I went. About a half a mile I looked up to my right and what did I see?

There she stood! My Ruffsdale Mail Pouch Barn! A little faded and worse for wear, but I had discovered it. I felt like Columbus discovering the New World!

I pulled off to the side of the road and started snapping away. How to get the best angle? I thought maybe if I get down in the grass and lay on the ground I could get an artsy photo! And then I remembered, I’ll be 55 the 30th of July and how undignified I would look down on the ground, that I wouldn’t be able to get to my feet because of my bum knee. Ok, I’ll just click away with my telephoto lens and be happy! Surely if I take tons of pictures I will like one.

Now remember I have taken this road from Mt. Pleasant numerous times and never saw this barn. The reason is it’s only painted on the one end and I had never looked back. This is how it looks from the road.

The pictures above have been edited in PSE, the one below is how it looks natural.

You can click on this link to see what the barn looked like in years gone by.

Oh BTW, If you want to go this Mail Pouch barn and maybe get there a little faster than I did…I’ve got the coordinates: N. 40. 10.006 W 79.36.141


P.S. I’m back home in Savannah, Missouri for the next couple of months. I’ve got three more posts of Mail Pouch barns, so if this interests you keep checking back and if you would like to see my other posts on Mail Pouch barns you can click here for part 1 and here for part 2.




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Welcome fellow Sisters!

Today’s Rush day and I wasn’t quite prepared! Have you ever read the instructions but had your own idea in your head about what you were supposed to do? Well that’s what happened to me! I took the pictures and thought I was all ready, didn’t realize I needed to write a blog entry, Duh! I know that word isn’t in style anymore, but it fits the situation. I guess I thought we were gonna send in our pictures by email. I know, I just wasn’t thinking, so here it is at 1:30p.m. Thursday afternoon and I’m playing catch up.

This is an altered cigar box. I covered it with a vintage looking floral paper, and then for the decorations! I was so excited the night I read about this challenge I loaded the picture in Photoshop and started playing with it. I thought I would finish the next morning so I went to bed, and laid there, and laid there, sleep would not come, I was too excited. So after hubby was asleep, I snuck out and played till 2 in the morning. I colored the girls individual flowers and cut with decorative scissors in an oval.

Remember about me saying I had my own ideas what the challenge was? I thought we were supposed to add a picture of ourselves to our Sorority craft. I found an old childhood picture of myself and made it look old (sepia) but don’t those curls look vintage anyway? I think I was about ten. I arranged the vignettes with tea bag roses and music paper fans. The flower on the right is made with scrapbook paper and music paper from an old hymnal, with an old button in the center. The tag has the quote “Sisters are different flowers from the same garden.” Isn’t that true? And we are Sisters of the heart, some of you have become friends that I would never have met except for our blogs. I can’t forget the paper key, because all sororities have keys!

Ok since I don’t follow directions well, I don’t have a picture of me holding my project, BUT!

Today while I was editing some pictures of my daughter Carissa’s wedding, I thought why not add them here so you can see Me! I’m Margaret originally from Bakersfield, CA, transplanted four years ago to Savannah, Missouri.

And my beautiful daughter Carissa and Her SISTER! Stephanie.

And us doing what comes naturally when we get together, acting CRAZY!

Can’t wait to get together with ya’ll blogger sisters and act crazy with you! Well maybe not this crazy!



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And there she stood! After all the searching and traveling down back roads, all it took was getting on the PA Turnpike and following the directions. If you remember in my last post on Pennsylvania Mail Pouch Barns I had clicked on the option No Toll Roads on the GPS so I could get up close to the barn, and it had taken us on a “pig trail” and still we couldn’t find this barn. The next day we had been out shopping when my husband Harvey took a turn and I looked up and we were in line at the toll plaza. You have to know Harvey, he is very determined and never gives up, so there we went down the turnpike and just like the page said, 6.7 miles from the New Stanton exit over to the left…THERE IT WAS! (If you click on the link you can see pictures of when it was originally painted by Harley Warwick)

I’m all excited and yelling “Pull over, Pull over” Yea! Like where, we’re on the turnpike. Harvey managed to get to the side of the road and I jumped out and started snapping away, thank God for telescopic lenses because this barn was a quarter mile away. Cars whizzing by, and I’m just oblivious.

I figured if I took lots of pictures, I was sure to get one or two good ones. I was busy trying to not get the center divider in the picture too.

After I had taken quite a few, we got off the turnpike and tried to find the country road to get closer to the barn. After a few false turns we came to the site, but without trespassing on private property we really couldn’t get any better pictures.

This picture was taken from the side road and it says Marlin Zelmore. This barn has been painted and they painted right up to the letters. Leaving the original painting exposed. As you can see it still has bales of hay, and is still being used today. The above picture has been edited in PSE

If you love Mail Pouch Barns, stay tuned, I have more coming up in the next few days, I just have to edit my pictures and make them pretty!

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