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I’m in New Stanton, PA for three weeks and with lots of time on my hands, lots of time to play with Photoshop Elements 9 and create lots of new art. With all the snow on the ground I won’t be outside much taking new pictures, only one’s that can be captured from the car with the window down for a few minutes to click and then roll the window back up to keep from freezing.

Yesterday I promised you another freebie! It’s a little later in the day, but we have been having internet problems here at the motel. I imagine it’s because of the rain which does weird things to the internet satellite. But here it is!

This Valentine Subway art is made up of all your favorite words associated with Valentine’s Day! When you download this it will not have the black frame on it, I thought it would look great put in a black frame so I wanted to let you picture it that way.

This picture is an original art piece, starting with making the background paper adding the shaded art and adding the words in many different fonts.

I have been thinking of making an original art picture for wedding couples, using a similar format but in color of their choice and including a picture of the couple. Don’t you think this would make an original gift to give to the new couple? If you are interested you can contact me and I will be delighted to work on your project.

Enough babbling! To download this picture click on the picture itself and it will take you to BOX.NET where you can download it. The reason I am using this format is so you can get the picture in the highest possible quality. Today it is not in a zip format. It’s in JPEG so all you have to do is download and you can send it to Costco or Sam’s club and print out in whatever size you want.

Please leave a comment if you download so I know if anyone is downloading. Also if you click subscribe in the right hand side column my blog will be delivered to you in an email.

Thanks so much to you who read my blog!

Hugs, Margaret

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“The guardian angels of life sometimes fly so high as to be

beyond our sight, but they are always looking down

upon us.”

Jean Paul Richter ~ German Novelist and humorist, 1763-1825

I would like to give this to my friends and followers today! I created this bookmark with the angel graphic, from Heidi of shabbychicpapirskatter (Sorry her blog has been removed) Feel free to print it out on cardstock and give to your friends and people who have been angels in your life!

12 Hugs to each of you!


P.S. Why 12 hugs?

We need 4 hugs a day for survival, 8 hugs a day for maintenance, and 12 hugs a day for GROWTH! Family Therapist Virginia Satir

Thanks Charlette for posting that quote!

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Do not be anxious about anything,

But in everything,

By prayer and petition,

With thanksgiving

Present your request

To god.

Philippians 4:6

While visiting my daughter and family in Tulsa last week, We went to Oral Roberts University to tour the grounds, this statue stands in front of the University. It is 60 ft. tall, and weighs 30 tons, made of bronze and titled Praying Hands, by sculptor Leonard McMurray.

Thank you to Cindy Adkins of ” I Owe it all to Him“, for providing a Linky party this week. Please visit her blog, she daily posts about creative artists and their work, and adds her own insightful commentary that will uplift you!

And thank you for stopping by and visiting today, have a cup of tea or coffee and look around. I look forward to reading your comments and I will be by shortly to visit with you!



P.S. (added after visiting all the other link ups today)

As I visited each of you, I had such a sense of  “Church”  Not in the traditional sense of the word, I saw this quote on   “One Heart’s blog

“The word church immediately conjures in the mind of men a place to go,

 rather than what they are to be.”

-From an ex-Baptist minister

But more in the sense of what the Bible calls us to be “The body of believers, a living breathing organism….” Where two or more are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”   Today I felt the presence of God strongly. In one blog a girl who had not picked up her Bible in 10 years but wanted to participate so she blindly put her finger in the Bible and God gave her a scripture that ministered to her, which led me to ponder how God never leaves us  alone..he continues to prod us with his love.  I sense this awe!  of what God is doing.  Binding his people together in Love. 

 No we don’t have to be in a physical building to experience the awesome presence of God..He is alive and well and moving on the Web.  I see the internet more and more as a tool of God, when we read a story and we feel a connection and we are just prompted to write a note of encouragement and then to pray for them, we need to be quick to heed that still small voice and just be obedient!  I have loved today, I feel like we just “had church”!

Love you all,


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Welcome fellow Sisters!

Today’s Rush day and I wasn’t quite prepared! Have you ever read the instructions but had your own idea in your head about what you were supposed to do? Well that’s what happened to me! I took the pictures and thought I was all ready, didn’t realize I needed to write a blog entry, Duh! I know that word isn’t in style anymore, but it fits the situation. I guess I thought we were gonna send in our pictures by email. I know, I just wasn’t thinking, so here it is at 1:30p.m. Thursday afternoon and I’m playing catch up.

This is an altered cigar box. I covered it with a vintage looking floral paper, and then for the decorations! I was so excited the night I read about this challenge I loaded the picture in Photoshop and started playing with it. I thought I would finish the next morning so I went to bed, and laid there, and laid there, sleep would not come, I was too excited. So after hubby was asleep, I snuck out and played till 2 in the morning. I colored the girls individual flowers and cut with decorative scissors in an oval.

Remember about me saying I had my own ideas what the challenge was? I thought we were supposed to add a picture of ourselves to our Sorority craft. I found an old childhood picture of myself and made it look old (sepia) but don’t those curls look vintage anyway? I think I was about ten. I arranged the vignettes with tea bag roses and music paper fans. The flower on the right is made with scrapbook paper and music paper from an old hymnal, with an old button in the center. The tag has the quote “Sisters are different flowers from the same garden.” Isn’t that true? And we are Sisters of the heart, some of you have become friends that I would never have met except for our blogs. I can’t forget the paper key, because all sororities have keys!

Ok since I don’t follow directions well, I don’t have a picture of me holding my project, BUT!

Today while I was editing some pictures of my daughter Carissa’s wedding, I thought why not add them here so you can see Me! I’m Margaret originally from Bakersfield, CA, transplanted four years ago to Savannah, Missouri.

And my beautiful daughter Carissa and Her SISTER! Stephanie.

And us doing what comes naturally when we get together, acting CRAZY!

Can’t wait to get together with ya’ll blogger sisters and act crazy with you! Well maybe not this crazy!



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